REALTOR® Action Fund Metrics

The REALTOR® Action Fund supports political activities at the local, state, and national levels. It gives REALTORS® a seat at the table and demonstrates that ​REALTORS® mean business when it comes to politics.​  
  • ​RAF makes it possible to send mailers and other materials to inform voters of upcoming measures that aren’t good for homeowners.  
  • It helped C.A.R. recently sponsor and support four major bills that were signed into law and further the goal of fair housing by reducing discrimination in housing. 
  • It helps our industry ensure that the dream of homeownership is a reality for more people.  
  • It helped C.A.R. support legislation that allows communities to build more housing at all income levels.  
  • It helps N.A.R. fight the elimination of the Mortgage Interest Deduction. 
  • And, it makes it possible for Bridge to fight unreasonable housing policy on the local level like TOPA.

​RAF Participation​​​​

​RAF Participation is comprised of voluntary contributions from members to the REALTOR® Action Fund.  Bridge Association of REALTORS® participation is based on the number of contributing members divided by our membership.​

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